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To improve your financial future forever?

Are you are a financial institution, a hedge fund, a public company, a financial planner or a private investor?  Then my research charts can help you make smarter, more profitable decisions with your and your client’s money.

Access my timing models for the NYSE, Nasdaq, QQQ, SPY, Gold (GLD), Oil (USO), Bonds (TLT), US Dollar (Dxy) & Now Natural Gas (UNG) covering various market data including breadth, options activity, volatility, volume, ticks and new highs/lows.

My market research monitors and models third party data sources such as the AAII data, ECRI Data, equity and bond money flow and Investor’s Intelligence Data.  It contains several seasonality, cycles and forecasting tools for the stock market, oil and gold.  The data is inputted by hand, every day.  And the data goes back over 12 years.

Click here to see a list of indicators included in our analysis and research.

Normally, this research alone would be worth thousands.  But for the remainder of 2012, I am making access to my research available for the cost of only $50/month.  And that’s not all you’ll get.

This research arose out of my development of a highly profitable market timing system called The Daily Stock Barometer.  Each market day I send clients an email running through some of our various indicators and give my view of the markets and identify when one of these indicators is reaching an extreme and giving a signal.   You can use this to help your investing, trading, and I also give advice on retirement accounts for those with Roth IRA and 401ks.

In addition, you also get access to QQQ Trader and Stock Options Speculator – two services that show you what stocks and options to buy or sell when we get system buy and sell signals.

Put it all together, and you have a service that should be priced at around $250/month.   So why isn’t it?

Actually, my intentions are to increase the price of this service in 2013.  However, at this point in my career, my goal is to get more recognition for my contribution to the world of stock market analysis.   I’ve written a daily article on the markets for about 10 years.  I spoke at the world money show in Chicago in 2011 and I’ve taught traders from around the world how to improve their trading.  But my primary goal is to get on the national scene.  And to do that, I need exposure.  And to do that, I will underprice my service at $50/month and practically give away my decade worth of research to grow my client base and gain broader recognition.

Sign up for a 4 week trial today for only $1, simply click here and use discount code DSB1 when signing up.

You’ll get access to our site and begin reviewing our research after signing up.  The education alone is invaluable.

I look forward to having you join us.


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