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Hint #3: Multi-billion dollar hedge funds can’t take advantage of it because they need to trade too much money…
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Can you guess what it is? Click here to get the answer.

This trading presentation is by Tim Sykes, who, when he ran his hedge fund, was rated #1 in his specialty out of ALL hedge funds by Barclays Ratings.

I can almost guarantee you won’t be able to guess what this trading opportunity is. This presentation is an eye-opener—click here to watch it now.

Take a few minutes to watch it. I think you’ll love what Tim shares.

This February, there is going to be a massive experiment in the stock promotion, pump and dump landscape and it will be led by Tim Sykes.

This is unprecidented in the markets.  If you know anything about the stock promotion field, publicly traded companies will pay people like me with masive email and mailing lists to promote their stock.  I do not do this.  But there are many that do and it’s a very lucrative field.  They put together a promotional package, and mail it around.  The campaigns can last days, or weeks and the end result is to gain buyers of it’s stock.  The “Pump” part of the pump and dump.

Stock Promotion

What happens normally is that word of these companies (and stocks) will start spearding around.  And the stocks will rally.  Some will rally several hundred percent in a relatively short period of time.  Usually, these stocks are penny stocks.  But wait, it gets better.

Pump And Dump

The next part of the process is the dump.  In this game of buying and selling, you do not want to be the last one holding the bag, so to speak.  As the stock price rises, it will bring in more buyers, and more potential sellers.  And these aren’t people with a laptop in their living room, these are people with high speed links into the stock market, and high powered computers.  They can sell at a moments notice and drop the price of a stock in a heart beat, especially a thinly traded penny stock.

So when the music stops, it’s best you find a seat, and fast.

Tim Sykes

So how is Tim Sykes involved?  Tim Sykes is a well known penny stock trader.  In fact, he’s well known at pointing out these pump and dump schemes and being on the other end.  The short side.   In the old days, you couldn’t short stocks below $5 a share, but now there’s a process for it.  You should make sure you know how to do it with your broker.

So how would you like to know when a stock promotion is about to take place and get in on the ground floor pump of a pump and dump?

This February 22nd, we’ll be releasing the name of a stock that’s about to go through just such a promotion.  And this will get you in on the ground floor as I could almost bet that the stock will go through a substantial rise.

Starting February 19th, I’ll be releasing videos showing you how to play along with the Tim Sykes Stock Promotion Pump and Dump at home.  I too may participate, but can not do so until I release the name of the stock to everyone else.

How to participate?  Simple sign up for our newsletter here:

And you’ll get the stock emailed to you, as soon as I’m sure about 1 million others will get the notice.  Watch the stock if you don’t want to play it.

My first question was, when I saw this promotion, is it legal.  And the answer is yes.  The stock promotion process has gone on for ages via email and snail mail.  And the fact that people will know about it, and everyone will know about it at the same time.  And the promoters technically can’t get in until after they’ve sent out the promotions.

My involvement?  I’m not technically promoting the stock.  I’m working with Tim Sykes to promote his service that periodically recommends these stocks.  And also recommends selling them.  I’ll be giving you a link to sign up when they open the service up to subscribers.

So check back soon for updates, or sign up above to get the penny stock promotion pump and dump emailed to by Tim Sykes you right at the moment you can start trading it.

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