Affiliate Marketing is simply when you sell other peoples products for them – obviously for a commission, or piece of the pie.

For example, at our financial newsletter, we offer 50% recurring commissions.  That means if you sign up to sell our newsletters (it is free to sign up), we’ll give you 50% of what we make, recurring month after month, year after year, for as long as the person you sold our services to remains subscribed.

We’ve have a site dedicated towards helping you make money selling our products.  In fact, I can show you how to make money in 15-minutes.  It’s that easy.  If you want proof – please visit this site:

Your Affiliate Guide

The following link points towards my affiliate page, where you can learn more about promoting our products.  We’ve only been selling our products on clickbank since 2010.  So we’re relatively new and under sold as a vendor goes – that creates great opportunity for you.

I want to be an affiliate marketer and sell financial newsletters

There is a lot you need to know to sell products as an affiliate. But it’s also as simple as find a product, sign up to be an affiliate and get your affiliate links in front of potential clients.  You can do this via email, a blog and a website.  I do all 3.  And this is what I recommend.

I have made significant amounts of money as both a vendor and as an affiliate on the internet. My best month was over $26,500 (USD) and that was only with one website and 2 products.  I’m working towards besting that this year.

Affiliate marketing allowed me to leave my day job and not return back to the work force.  It allows me to spend more time with my family, more time exercising and I have a golf club membership.   And I don’t have to work most days, although I love it – and only wish I started it sooner!

But my continued success as a vendor depends on your success as an affiliate selling my financial newsletter products  – so my advisory is FREE – designed to make your getting educated as efficient a process as possible to get you making money even faster.

To get started, visit Your Affiliate Guide.

You won’t be disappointed.

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