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Back in 2005, Mark McMillan joined us writing an ETF Trading Service.  The service comes with access to his personal chat room.  For the past two years, we’ve closed the service to new subscribers, but as he approaches his 10 year anniversary with us this June, we’re opening it back up to let new subscribers in.  One of the reasons is that we see a significant correction developing in the markets – and we want to make our most experienced advisors available to you to help you through it.  This condition doesn’t happen all that often in history, and I’ll walk through it below. 
So what do we see?
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In this first chart, we see a LPPL Curve of the DOW JONES approaching the 1929 top.   This Log Periodic Power Law curve is a formulation that fits when you get a series of higher highs and higher lows and cycles and depth diminishing in time. 
Here’s the DOW JONES approaching the 2008 top:
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This pattern repeats again in the DOW approaching the 2008 top.  It’s repeated before most crashes and bubbles going back to the beginning of markets. 
So what does it mean for us?
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The above chart shows the rapid climb in the USD index.  But it also shows the QQQs (Nasdaq 100) since the 2009 stock market bottom.  And you guessed it, a perfect LPPL structure.  This doesn’t bode well for financial markets.  But the question is always WHEN will the bubble burst?
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We’re always looking for signs of things breaking down in the economy.  With Jobs, they’re always bullish at a top.  As a divergence develops, it can lead or confirm a bearish move in the markets.
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Above we see a component of sentiment in the market – and an uptick in uncertainty.  This condition normally exists before corrections.  Corrections come about because Imitation is a big driver in the market.  We’ll have more on that later…
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And our last chart above shows the ECRI data – the uptick is bullish for the markets and part of our mid term call for a final thrust higher into April/May and then for things to get ugly…
Since 2005, Mark McMillan has been writing a daily article on the financial markets.  That type of experience is hard to come by.  Not only to see market turns over the past decade plus, but to advise traders how to position (or not to) through the move. 
And access to his personal chat room where you can hear him talk and address issues intra day – makes this opportunity that much better!
And we’ll throw in a 52-page presentation on Bubbles that will blow your mind and help you understand what to expect when this market collapses.
All for only $1.  
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Hello Everybody

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Trade Actions: Buy PRN ( Dynamic Industrials ) at the Market

My service is typically a 10-position limit service. What that means is that you should limit your buying of any recommendation to 1/10 of the assets that you want to earmark for this account. Example: If you decide that you only want to have $ 50,000 dedicated to this advisory, that means that only about $ 5000 should be made available to each position. So if I recommend a ETF with a price around 30, you would then buy about 170 shares. But if I recommend a fund with a price around 170 , you would only be buying 30 shares. Now this is just a guide and reality is everybody is going to do different things. There are times that I might only have 4 or 5 positions on. That means the rest of your money is sitting in cash. There are times that I might recommend 12 positions on and I will point out that the last two positions are only for somebody that has the extra money and is willing to take on the extra risk that the two positions are giving. That is usually when I am either super bullish or super bearish on certain markets. Does not happen often. Remember this is a 10-position account .

We now have 3-positions on.

Market Outlook/Potential Opportunities: Note – Un-bold is last week’s commentary. Bold is this week’s commentary.

Stock Market ?

Looking for a Short Term Kick In The Teeth. Buy SH at 26.6 or better, which is a Short Fund on the SP We might decide soon on a Dollar Cost Averaging approach on shorting the market here. I need to study it a little more. This is after all a very Bullish time frame. But I Am Expecting A Market Chopping Around Here I was looking for more of a pullback.

Just not happening. Need to cover our Short Fund Sell SH at the Market. The Stock Market should finish the year strong.

Energy ?

We are out of the Oil Market at this time but we will be looking for a good entrance to get back in. Oil might of bottomed here. Starting to look a little closer here. This is still a Neutral Market even though it has shown some recent strength.

By George, I think the Oil Market has made a bottom here. Buy USL at the Market.

Metals ?

Oct 15 was either a bottom or a Pivot Point to break for a continuation move. Pivot Point Bottom Has Been Established In The Metals

Ok we have broke through our Pivot Point and this should cause more damage to the metals. Throw away Gold and Silver Wait for a possible January bottom Sell SLV at the Market also Sell GLD at the Market

Bonds ?

The bond market has broken down. The long term uptrend in long term rates has officially started. Key Reversal Up on this Fund We might be there. Buy TBT at the Market. We know where interest rates are going now

We hung on too long. Now we sit through a nasty correction. Slowing economy driving rates lower again. Seems to be swing our way again.

Currencies ?

Buy CNY ( Chinese Yuan ) at the Market. We had a good outside week to the upside. It could be time to move on this. A number of Heavy Advisors are calling for a run up in the Yuan. Might as well join the party.

We are now back in. Herky Jerky here, but the trend is in our favor. We might be finally breaking up here Who is the Victim of this debt confrontation. Our Dollar is getting hit.

Commodities ?

Nothing at this time. Maybe something by next week

Current Long Portfolio

Bought USL ( Oil ) at 43 It closed at 42.6

Bought TBT ( Short Bonds ) at 69.9 It closed at 76.3

Bought CNY ( Yuan ) at 41 It closed at 42.7

Current Short Portfolio:


Recently Closed Positions

Bought SH ( Short S & P ) at 26.6 Sold it at 26

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Here are 4 considerations for your best ETF Portfolios from our expert advisers.


ETFs are exchange traded funds.  Here at Investment Research Group, we have 4 trader-authors who recommend their best etf portfolios.  They’re different for each one and there’s a lesson to be learned from each one.

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First, we have Bill West.  A former commodities trader with over 30 years experience is the editor of Bill West’s Fat Pitch ETF Advisory.  This is your best case for a lazy portfolio etf positions.  What I mean by that is that Bill recommends a portfolio of up to several ETFs – using his ETF Portfolio Model.

But given Bill’s past experience as a commodities trader (and his current experience as a futures trader and author) his focus is primarily in that regard.  Each weekly article he focuses on the following

  1. Stock Market
  2. Energy
  3. Metals
  4. Bonds
  5. Currencies
  6. Commodities

Focusing on this way, will give you best ETF portfolios for diversification.  Then through proper trade management, which Bill provides so you could technically call his service the lazy portfolio etf trader.

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Timing wise, Bill’s Advisory is weekly – so that should give you an idea of the time frame of the trades.  As a newsletter moves to daily publication, it’s because timing is that important.  However, if necessary, Bill will advise on any day if something significant happens.

Our second adviser, Mark McMillan, manages the McMillan Portfolio where he not only provides his best ETF portfolios but also periodically will advise on some value stocks and develop a value stock portfolio.

Mark’s focus is advising on the following ETFs:

  1. DIA
  2. QQQQ
  3. SPY
  4. IWM
  5. SOX
  6. KRE
  7. KBE
  8. TLT

While Mark’s primary position will normally be in the big 3 indexes (the top 3) following all 8 very closely will present periodic opportunities as these ETFs move from trending to trading states.  Mark is a pro Bollinger Band Trader – who also utilizes the key moving averages.

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Marks ETF Portfolio Model Service is daily.  One good thing about a daily advisory is you’re never left guessing.  And when it comes to your money, that’s very important.

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Mark’s service also comes with access to his live chat room – where you can see his trading screen and talk to him live during the trading day.

Our third advisory giving their best ETF Portfolio is the Daily Stock Barometer.  This service has been around for over 10 years and the reason is because its primary goal is to advise on market timing – meaning he gives you the best time to buy and best time to sell.  Period.

While Jay’s focus is advising on the QQQQ (Nasdaq-100) his signals would also apply to the SPY and DIA – as they all follow similar timing patterns.

The DSB service is daily and he also advises on Gold, Oil, Bonds and the US Dollar.  All ETFs that you can trade in every day.  And through this advice you can easily put together an etf portfolio model.

To the DSB, it’s all about timing.  And the research (160+ Indicators) is available to any client who subscribes.

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The timing of the DSB signals are based on an algorithm, which adjusts with the markets.  So they can be very short term or intermediate or periodically long term.  There’s something to be learned in this newsletter.  And many clients have been with the DSB for over a decade.

And last but not least is the 1-2-3 Plus Alert.  Lynn’s a longer term trader who uses 3 key signals to get long the market or to close out her positions.  Her belief is that you want to be long for the big moves up and out for the big moves down.  This will allow you to outperform the market over time.

Her focus is on the SPY – or the S&P500.  You can also apply leverage, as that’s what the “plus” stands for.  If you apply leverage when the markets in a longer term uptrend, you accelerate the rate at which you out perform the market.  And periodically, during bear markets,  she will employ leverage to the downside.  Now her etf portfolio model is simply one etf where she adds to or subtracts her positions by thirds.

There you have our best ETF portfolios – if you’re interested in learning more from each of these authors, I encourage you to subscribe using the link below:

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