Here are 4 considerations for your best ETF Portfolios from our expert advisers.


ETFs are exchange traded funds.  Here at Investment Research Group, we have 4 trader-authors who recommend their best etf portfolios.  They’re different for each one and there’s a lesson to be learned from each one.

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First, we have Bill West.  A former commodities trader with over 30 years experience is the editor of Bill West’s Fat Pitch ETF Advisory.  This is your best case for a lazy portfolio etf positions.  What I mean by that is that Bill recommends a portfolio of up to several ETFs – using his ETF Portfolio Model.

But given Bill’s past experience as a commodities trader (and his current experience as a futures trader and author) his focus is primarily in that regard.  Each weekly article he focuses on the following

  1. Stock Market
  2. Energy
  3. Metals
  4. Bonds
  5. Currencies
  6. Commodities

Focusing on this way, will give you best ETF portfolios for diversification.  Then through proper trade management, which Bill provides so you could technically call his service the lazy portfolio etf trader.

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Timing wise, Bill’s Advisory is weekly – so that should give you an idea of the time frame of the trades.  As a newsletter moves to daily publication, it’s because timing is that important.  However, if necessary, Bill will advise on any day if something significant happens.

Our second adviser, Mark McMillan, manages the McMillan Portfolio where he not only provides his best ETF portfolios but also periodically will advise on some value stocks and develop a value stock portfolio.

Mark’s focus is advising on the following ETFs:

  1. DIA
  2. QQQQ
  3. SPY
  4. IWM
  5. SOX
  6. KRE
  7. KBE
  8. TLT

While Mark’s primary position will normally be in the big 3 indexes (the top 3) following all 8 very closely will present periodic opportunities as these ETFs move from trending to trading states.  Mark is a pro Bollinger Band Trader – who also utilizes the key moving averages.

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Marks ETF Portfolio Model Service is daily.  One good thing about a daily advisory is you’re never left guessing.  And when it comes to your money, that’s very important.

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Mark’s service also comes with access to his live chat room – where you can see his trading screen and talk to him live during the trading day.

Our third advisory giving their best ETF Portfolio is the Daily Stock Barometer.  This service has been around for over 10 years and the reason is because its primary goal is to advise on market timing – meaning he gives you the best time to buy and best time to sell.  Period.

While Jay’s focus is advising on the QQQQ (Nasdaq-100) his signals would also apply to the SPY and DIA – as they all follow similar timing patterns.

The DSB service is daily and he also advises on Gold, Oil, Bonds and the US Dollar.  All ETFs that you can trade in every day.  And through this advice you can easily put together an etf portfolio model.

To the DSB, it’s all about timing.  And the research (160+ Indicators) is available to any client who subscribes.

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The timing of the DSB signals are based on an algorithm, which adjusts with the markets.  So they can be very short term or intermediate or periodically long term.  There’s something to be learned in this newsletter.  And many clients have been with the DSB for over a decade.

And last but not least is the 1-2-3 Plus Alert.  Lynn’s a longer term trader who uses 3 key signals to get long the market or to close out her positions.  Her belief is that you want to be long for the big moves up and out for the big moves down.  This will allow you to outperform the market over time.

Her focus is on the SPY – or the S&P500.  You can also apply leverage, as that’s what the “plus” stands for.  If you apply leverage when the markets in a longer term uptrend, you accelerate the rate at which you out perform the market.  And periodically, during bear markets,  she will employ leverage to the downside.  Now her etf portfolio model is simply one etf where she adds to or subtracts her positions by thirds.

There you have our best ETF portfolios – if you’re interested in learning more from each of these authors, I encourage you to subscribe using the link below:

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