Carmine Tutera has joined the team at to bring you profitable gold trading advice and teach you the connection between Forex and trading gold profitably.

Carmine Tutera Gold Trading and Forex
Carmine Tutera’s Gold Trader & Forex Starter
Currency expert, Carmine Tutera, shows you how to profit from swing trading moves in gold and also get you started in Forex trading. Why is it important to know how to trade Forex? Currencies drive gold action. So by watching currencies, you can be highly accurate swing trading NUGT & DUST – two powerful gold ETFs. In addition, you’ll get introduced to the world of Forex (FX). It’s easier than ever to trade FX 24/7 with less capital. Sign up now and you’ll get Carmine’s Guide to Gold and Getting Started in Forex at no additional cost.

Report Focus: Gold Trades using NUGT and DUST and Forex Education
Includes: Commentary, analysis, charting
Frequency: At least weekly
Best for: Active traders
Archives: Yes
Price: $12.95 per month or $119 per year
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