Here are some covered calls:

covered calls

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As part of our Stock Options Speculator service, as we approach a top where we expect little gains in the markets (or significant losses) – we recommend our top 100 Covered Calls.  If you own any of these stocks, they represent a great opportunity for additional profit from holding your stock.   Here’s this weeks Top 10 Covered Calls:

top covered calls

The column to the right represents the annualized return of the return you can make into the next expiration.  This is the top 10 of our top 100.  To see if your stock is on our list – you can subscribe to Stock Options Speculator – 4 weeks is  only $1 – and our Covered Call Service is included free with Stock Options Speculator.

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As we enter the new year, to follow up on our last alert, where we issued Covered Calls on Nasdaq Stocks because of the relative weakness – now we’re recommending Covered Calls on S&P 500 stocks – because we expect a sharper bounce on the Nasdaq 100.

qqq spy rsi

Given that, we would recommend our top 10 covered calls on the S&P 500 stocks as follows:

S&P 500 Top Covered Calls

Note – our powerful software saves you the time of identifying the most efficiently priced stock options – for example, the top position on this chart would provide you an annualized return of 142%.  Periodic covered call purchases on your stocks can boost your longer term returns of holding positions.

Obviously, these Covered Calls only help you if you own the stock.  As a subscriber, if you own a stock and would like us to add it to our subscriber list for advice, please advise.

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