How to make $357 an hour trading for daily income.

Forget theory – you can put this to the test today with a 60-day trial account

This is bold.

Dr. Adrian Manz just released a new video detailing his Daily Income Trading method offering to help you make $357 an hour trading (click here to watch it

If you followed the approach he publishes in his Daily Income Trading Plan precisely for the last several years, starting with a $30K account, then you potentially could’ve…

  • Made an 85.88% return in 2008 without leverage, or 171.76% using 2-to-1 leverage…
  • Made a 53.49% return in 2009 without leverage, or 106.98% using 2-to-1 leverage…
  • Made a 37.79% return in 2010 without leverage, or 75.58% using 2-to-1 leverage…
  • Made a 53.22% return in 2011 without leverage, or 106.44% using 2-to-1 leverage…

In fact, for the past SIX YEARS, this approach has averaged a 58% annual return without leverage, if followed precisely.
Obviously, that’s before commissions and fees, which vary platform to platform, but you get the idea.

On the other hand, the S&P 500 averaged a whopping 2.48% over those same six years[i].

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather follow an approach that at least has the potential to pay $58 for every $2.48 you could make in the S&P 500.

Get this: Even if, for some reason, you failed to follow Adrian’s plan exactly and only caught HALF of those gains, you’d still generate over TEN TIMES MORE money per year than the S&P handed you before you even thought about using leverage.

Making $357 an hour… or more.

When you watch that presentation, make a special note when Adrian shows you how to automate his Daily Income strategy so you only have
to spend 10 minutes a day to follow it.

If you made just $15,000 this year by trading his Daily Income method, then that would be the equivalent of a part-time job paying you $357 an hour.

With an average of about 250 trading days x 10 minutes a day, you’ll only spend 42 hours of trading this method in an entire year.

$15,000 from 42 hours of trading works out to about $357.14 an hour.

If you’re starting with a bigger account—one capable of delivering, say, $50,000 in profits in the next year using this approach—then it’s more like getting a $1,190 an hour from a part-time job.

So the question is:

Is there any REAL chance you, personally, could make $15K a year from this?

Honestly, only you can figure out that.

It depends on several factors: First, how much money you have to trade. You’d need around $25-$30K to make $15K, based on a 58% average annual income.

More importantly: No one can predict the future. Who knows what the market is going to do next?

Yes, Adrian’s method generated over 85% in the crash of 2008, but would it do that again? Any answer I gave would be theoretical and, frankly, the world needs less theory and more proof.

Adrian agrees, so at the end of today’s presentation, he’s actually letting you register to get his Daily Income Trader service for 60 days on a trial account.

That way, you can try it out for yourself and see if it works… see if you like it… and see if it makes you money BEFORE committing to investing in a membership.

That’s a great opportunity. Click here to see what Adrian’s letting you have.

Hurry, because ONLY the FIRST 250 traders are allowed to get that trial account. After that, the trial account goes away.

Adrian is making it so easy to test his method out—without any risk—that no sane trader is going to refuse this opportunity. The risk/reward is just too good.

Yes, there’s a catch: You have to qualify to use the service. These are S.E.C. rules, not Adrian’s. He explains them in the video.

Either way, Adrian’s trading information is world-class. You’ll come away from this presentation a smarter trader, no matter whether you qualify for the service or not
Click here to watch it now.

All my best…

Look at the market today. Can you tell instantly whether you’re likely to make money trading today… or whether this is a “can’t win” trading day?

If you’re not sure, then click here to check out this presentation.

In it, hedge fund trader Dr. Adrian Manz points out why some days you’re virtually guaranteed to lose money. Then he shows you how to tell—in 2 minutes—whether you’ve got a good chance of making money on any given trading day of the year.

It’s just one of his fascinating – and fundamental – trading insights.

He goes to lay out a blueprint for making $100K a year from your trading—starting from where you are now.

It’s an excellent presentation from the man whose published trading plan has gone six years straight without a losing month (if you traded all its recommendations).

Adrian’s methods focus on consistent profits and avoiding can’t win trading situations like the profit plague they are. Click here to watch this presentation now—and take notes!

All my best…

P.S. Pay attention to the part where he shows you how to spot “whales” in the market. These are the big institutional investors who move the market up or down whenever they trade.

Adrian shows you how to spot their moves. It’s easy, free and requires no special skills or software… and tells you how to use these “whale tails” to make regular income. Click here to get this great info now.

“Whales” are the big-money institutional investors who manage hundreds of millions to tens of billions of dollars in investment capital.

They’re also your number one resource if you’re looking to generate a $100K income or more from your trading.

Whales include everyone from insurance companies will multi-billion investment books (like Warren Buffett’s Geico)… to banks… to pension funds… to mutual funds…

..even operating companies who invest portions of profits in the market …

..and sovereign wealth funds looking for productive ways to allocate tens, sometimes hundreds of billions of dollars.

When you’re investing that kind of money, you make waves.

In fact, the portfolio movements of institutional investors is the top cause of big, sustained price-moves…

  • When institutional investors move into a position—which usually takes several trading days—they create strong, sustained UPTRENDS.
  • When they sell out of a position—which also takes several trading days—they create strong sustained DOWNTRENDS.

Those trends are the “whale tails.”

Pro trader Dr. Adrian Manz recently explained how to spot and find them—click here to see his presentation to traders.

PLUS, he shows you how to use these whale tails to generate a $100K income from your trading—starting from where you are now.

Traders are calling this information “A paradigm shift in thinking”. I’d love to hear what you think about this presentation, too.

If your goal is to generate a full-time income from your trading, add this presentation to your must-watch list. Click here to watch it now.

All my best,

P.S. One thing I really like about Adrian’s approach is how logical and consistent it is. His trading plan has recommended trades for six years now without producing a losing month. That’s impressive. Click here now to see how he’s doing it.

If you’d like to generate a $100K a year income from your trading, then you’ll love this new presentation.

The video I have for you today is NOT just about a cool new trading trick.

Instead, it gives you a blueprint to get from where you are now to the level of income you want from your trading.

Click here to view this new presentation.

It’s offered by Dr. Adrian Manz, a pro trader who specializes in generating income. His daily income method has a stellar reputation for long-term consistency and profit potential.

This guy knows what he’s doing.

His approach to getting you from A to Z as a trader is powerful.

Click here now to check out this free presentation.

We’re all very excited about the upcoming launch of Wealth Insider Alliance’s – Dr. Adrian Manz’s The Daily Income Trader.  We will post our review here.

Click here to see Adrian Manz’s track record.

This is a consistently very successful day trading advisory.   Methodology: Skim pennies off Nyse Stocks vertually every single trading day, regardless of market direction.

I’ll be publishing some educational content showing what this service is all about.  Check back this Monday as we feature the first video.

Background – Adrian is a baseball guy, calling his system an ‘around the horn’ system and framing everything in baseball terms.  Not one to go for hhomeruns, he’s a singles hitter, because singles are easier and they add up rather dramatically.

Click here to see Adrian Manz’s track record.

It’s an end of day system that targets 5% per month – consistently. In fact, in 6 years, Adrian hasn’t had a losing month!  With that type of certainty, you can utilize leverage and significantly grow your gains.  At 5% per month, that’s about 60% a year.  Throw in leverage, and you can easily double that amount.  You’ll need a day trading account, since you’ll be making trades every day.

A former musician (like me) and an MBA/PhD in organized psychology who worked with Peter Drucker at Claremont Graduate Institute, his background is quite unique as far as day traders go.  But as an expert in behavior of large groups (an area of my studies as well) he has developed a system that takes this and price patterns into account for certain set ups.

These patterns have baseball driven names, such as the Fast Ball, Infield Fly, Line Drive, 3-2 pitch, Backdoor Slider, Switch Hitter, Double Header and so on.

What you get?  A fixed trading plan for every day the market is open.  All positions are cashed out at the end of the day.  The system is very risk averse and he never risks more than one half of one percent of his trading capital on any one trade.  And he never holds a position overnight.  That aids in your sleep.

Wealth Insider Alliance (WIA) only releases 250 spots when they launch a product.  And they go fast, so make sure you’re ready to sign up when the service is launched.

I look forward to posting more content (videos).  So stay tuned for the launch of the Daily Income Trader (DIT)!!!


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Click here to see Adrian Manz’s track record.

If you followed Adrian’s published trade recommendations in 2011, you could’ve posted 389 trades – roughly one per day, on average. Of these 389 trades, 216 were winners, 56 were losers and the others hit break-even.

Unlike most technical or purely mathematical approaches to trading, Adrian’s system is based on his work as a Ph.D. student in group psychology. Specifically, how groups respond to certain conditions in the stock market.

You could’ve potentially grossed $53.22 per share over the course of the year, which works out to a 53.2% return on a $30K account trading 300 shares, not including fees