The toughest part of trading is knowing what to buy, and when – and then when to sell.  David Cohne takes care of all that for you. 

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In the coming weeks and months (in fact, some models point to up to 7 years of below normal returns), stock returns are going to be hard to come by.  Recognizing this return to a Stock Picker’s Market will be essential to performance.  Every Monday, you’ll get David’s 5 stocks to trade for the week based on his proprietary research. 

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As a teaser – here’s David’s Hot Stock of the week!

Our Hot Pick for the week is (GURE) Gulf Resources Inc. Its is the number one ranked stock for the week. The company which is based in Shouguang City, China, manufactures and trades in bromine, crude salt and chemical products. It is a leading provider of chemical products in China. The company is priced very low based on various valuation measures. It has exhibited very strong revenue and earnings growth over the past year.

The stock is up over 85% over the past 6 months. It has been in a strong uptrend since the end of July. It has stayed above its 200 Day Average since then and has just dipped below its 50 Day Moving Average giving us a great buying opportunity.