Day Trading is easy if you know how to do it.  Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.  We’ll have two educational series available here to get you into day trading in the comfort of your house in a matter of hours.

First, you have to decide what trading vehicle you are going to day trade.  Day Trading Stocks is the most popular strategy. The moves in stocks are much more volatile than indices and the rewqards can be huge.  However, you would still need to monitor the indices and understand how the indices are day traded to do well at this.

The next day trading strategy would be to day trade ETFs – although I always recommend to my clients to start here.  ETFs can be less volatile, which means you can approach each trade with a larger position.  There are many strategies that are widely followed, which makes them easier to trade.

The third strategy is to Day Trade Futures.  Technically, this is the same as Trading ETFs – except you are trading futures.  An understanding of time pivots, price pivots and market profile are essential.

You also need to understand how the S&P Pits work.  I’ve listened to the pits for many hours on end.  It’s a valuable tool that is overlooked by most.

We are in the process of putting together two day trading video courses.   We plan on publishing them in the near future.

In the interim, I published my first eBook on day trading, built around a very successful trade set up that occurs every morning.  You can set it and forget it and be done with the trade before lunch in most cases.  I’ve discounted the price the eBook here only.  It sells for 2x as much in other places (i.e. click here)

The Office AM Day Trading Manual (A $29.95 Value)

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And don’t worry, it’s not full of marketing fluff – just focused on teaching you what you need to know to execute this one, highly successful day trade.