ETF Trading is the wave of the future!  They are beneficial over mutual funds and stocks for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, an ETF is unlikely to crash like a stock, so your risk can be lower, but they trade just like stocks so you can get in and out anytime, unlike Mutual Funds.

Second, you can gain exposure to commodities ETFs where you couldn’t in years past. Imagine trading oil and gold and silver.  You had to be a commodity futures trader to trade these only a few years ago.

And third, there are leveraged ETFs where you can maximize your gains with up to 3x leverage.  So if the market goes up 1%, you make 3%!  There are inverse ETFs, so you can get positive returns in a retirement account when the market moves lower.

But there are also traps with some ETFs.  Best not to trade alone.  We offer two ETF newsletters that can take you to that next level.  Each uses their own ETF Trading Strategies.  And you can sign up today for a discounted 4-week trial.

Trade ETFs

With The McMillan Portfolio

Mark McMillan’s daily service tells you when to buy and sell the DIA, QQQQ, SPY, IWM, USD, KRE, KBE and TLT.  This service also comes with a Live Stock Trading Chat Room where Mark will update his intra day expectations, show you his trading screen and answer your questions.  This is a remarkable value!

Trade ETFs with

Bill West’s Fat Pitch ETF Advisory

When trading the new commodity and currency ETFs, you want someone with experience.  Bill West is a former Commodity and S&P Futures Trader.  He brings over 30 years of stock market trading experience to you.  Click the above link to learn more about his weekly financial advisory.