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Currencies are all the rage lately and the best way to participate in the currency markets is through Forex Trading.  In addition, the Forex Market is less manipulated than the stock market, making it easier to read, react and profit!

Here are the top several FOREX Trading Services.  Generally, stock traders fed up with the manipulation in the stock market will gravitate towards Forex trading.   Forex trading is set up more for automation and programming as well.

GPS Forex Robot – the trading results of this ‘bot’ alone make the service worth it.

The FOREX Trading Pro System – this is one of the most popular services out there.  And best yet, it’s inexpensive…

The Rover North Forex System – this guy is known as one of the most talented Forex traders of the last Decade.  As I always say, don’t reinvent the wheel.  Best to find out what the best traders are doing and see if you can emulate it.

The Forex Morning Trade System – This is a 100% mechanical system that is simple to learn and easy to trade (great for a newbie too).  Also only requires about 10 minutes a day once you get started.

The Forex Signals Machine – Revolutionary multi-strategy signal software for Meta Trader, featuring news protection, one-click trade entry, email alerts, voice notifications, spread alert and sophisticated Trade Management Robot.  Boosts profits with ultra-accurate signals.

And if you haven’t had enough to look at up there, here are the other 3 ‘most popular’ forex services:

Forex BulletProof

Fap Turbo Expert Guide