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Gold Seasonality

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Gold Trader

Gold Seasonality

Happy Memorial Day Monday Traders,

One thing for sure with gold, is that something has to happen soon.  This sideways energy that’s building is going to lead to a large move and we’ve been waiting to respond.  The above chart of seasonality suggests weakness into July, which could mean stocks continue to rally and gold tanks into July, which is just over one month away.  That move lower could set up a significant bounce, looking out over the longer term. 

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A quick update of our gold volatility chart shows that it could be reaching the end of this bullish advance:

gold volatility

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Here’s a chart for your consideration:

gold volatility

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Good morning Traders,

Here’s a quick update on Gold.

We’ve been watching option writers (the smart money) position for upside – but that now appears to be coming to an end. 

 gold options open interest

Accordingly, we’ll follow close behind them with some gold PUT options – over the next week or so when the timing appears right.  But we are getting close.

In the interim, if you’re interested in viewing our research charts on gold, here are links to the images in our various data bases:  Note, these will be updated again on Saturday with this week’s data.  You need to be logged into our site to view our research.