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As the year winds down and markets drift sideways to higher, I thought what better day then Veteran’s Day to get you better acquainted with one of our new traders, Ian Mitchell, a former Infantry Squad Leader for the Marines.
Ian heads up daily Stock, Forex and Futures Newsletters using his disciplined Marine approach to trading.
Each service also gets access to his weekly newsletter called Successful Trader, where he outlines what it takes to be successful in trading the markets. Below is his October performance update for his Futures service:
What better way to celebrate Veteran’s Day by joining Ian and learning his successful and disciplined approach to trading. You can try any of his services for 4 weeks for only $1 – even the Forex and Futures service. Each service comes with a trading manual to help you understand how to follow his recommendations and get set up with accounts trading Forex and Futures.
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October Performance11/5/2014 12:39:12 AM
Copper Setup
The price chart above shows the latest completed trade on the Copper (HG) December futures contract. Posting began for Ian Mitchell’s Futures service around mid-October, and the spreadsheet below shows the results thus far for trade alerts before November 1st. Even with the current track record, the power of a positive risk/reward can already be seen.
The current average winner is 2.37 times the average losing trade, allowing a trader to stay profitable with a 42.85% win ratio. These results do not include commissions, and results may vary based on what price orders are filled at. The number of contracts shown are based on an attempt to keep the risk as similar as possible on each trade. In this case, the stop risk is kept close to $2000.00 on each trade, based on the tick value of each market and stop distance from entry.
October Results
Going forward, the target will be to reach a 50% win ratio with at least a 2.0 profit factor after a longer series of trades.

The recent increased volatility casued great movement in the market, allowing for some great setups to unfold as the S&P 500 sold off, then sky-rocketed upward to new highs. For a directional trader, this is an exceptional time to participate in the market when using a legitimate strategy combined with great discipline.
Ian Mitchell
Stock, Forex, and Futures Trader
As for the markets, here’s our model which has inverted, but is also one of 3 of our cycles predicting things should slow down in the next two weeks:
stock market timing
What’s also important about the above model (that we put together last year) is that it’s calling for a year end top, then a larger move lower. That’s our prediction for the markets.
As for Ian, he grew up in Alaska and would hunt and fish during the summer and snowmobile in the winter. As a marine, he was deployed twice to the Middle East. He’s returned to Alaska and after a successful career in real estate, has been a professional trader for the past decade.
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PS – Each service comes with a trading manual to help you follow his trading and also open forex and futures accounts.
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Ian Mitchell