Are you looking for winning small cap swing trades?  There’s a new trader in town and his name is Jason Bond. 

Jason Bond Picks Review

There are a million and a half people out there professing to be the best stock picker since Jessie Livermore.  But every now and then, someone comes along who sets themselves apart.

Jason Bond Picks Review

The trouble with stock advisories is that they’re hard to follow all their trades and it’s usually impossible to make the same returns their services tout.

Jason Bond limits his advice to 3-5 trades per week.  In addition, you’re holding time is a few days to a few weeks.  So it’s ideal for someone looking for short term gains.

Second is precise entry and exit parameters.  Jason Bond’s picks tell you precisely when to get in and when to get out.

Realistic expectations.  Most sites will tell you that they’ll make you 100% returns.  Not Jason Bond – he’s looking for 5-10% per trade.  That also means his loss per trade is kept to even less.

Watch lists and education round out this service.  So you can see his recs and learn his system.  That’s where the real home run takes place.  If you can’t learn from a professional, you’re bound to subscribing to his service for ever.  However, if you can learn his process – a 1 quarter subscription can go a long way.

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