I just wanted to chime in here and let you all know about my Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Club – timeshare I own that I can let others use.  Here’s the link.

Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Club

A little bit about it:

I always vacation in the Dominican Republic around the end of February.  I find that area to have the best combination of weather and prices and accommodations.

What nice is that it also gives you access to some 4,500 resorts worldwide.  So I highly recommend it – and best yet, you can use my membership, with no limit to the date(s), number of people, number of weeks, etc.  It’s a very good deal and we give you the best price around.

It also comes with a bunch of Florida Timeshares – for those of you who like to vacation in Florida, there are a number of great places to stay.  And the link also has a report on Disney that’s a real money saver.  I’ve been there quite often and it’s good to know the ins and outs before you head down there.

My membership is a VIP membership, so at some resorts, you’ll get VIP benefits as well.  It’s nice to be treated like royalty when you’re on vacation.

If you have any questions about our lifestyles holiday vacation club, you can contact me through the link below.

Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Club

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