Important Signal…

5/16/2011 4:29:47 PM

Good afternoon traders & Investors,  Or is it…

Actually, the market consolidation over the past few weeks is beginning a break to the downside.  We went into Sell Mode this morning and urged short term caution.

There are a lot of short term cross currents going on here, one biggie is the end of QE2.  The markets are struggling over what to expect from the end.  QE2’s focus was to buy up bonds and keep rates lower.  Bonds have been rallying for a few weeks and this should be their last move higher.

The USDollar has also bounced recently from very oversold levels.  A byproduct of QE2 was the falling dollar.  This buying may be buying ahead of the end of QE2.  It has also caused commodities to dive from overbought levels.

What’s next?  As I’ve always said, one of the primary motivators of the market is uncertainty.  So we’re now in a period of uncertainty.  Did QE2 work?  Well, initial economic indicators are saying no.

But the good news is that this up move in bonds should result in a decent stock market rally.  We’re seeing a plethora of reversal dates coming in this week, which also happens to be an options expiration (Friday).  So my expectations are for a move lower and a bottom at the end of this week – maybe by Monday – where the markets should rally through month’s end.  Click here to try my stock market timing newsletter.

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