Friday Afternoon Traders,


the past several weeks, we’ve been introducing you to Gregory Clay, our Chief
Options Strategist and editor of High Value Option Trader.  On May 13th he
got his readers into a bull call spread in TSLA and closed the position at the
last options expiration.   The below email details the 150% profit in
just a couple of weeks! 


has also taken positions in VIX, HUM and IBM.  To follow along with those
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High Value Option Trader

May 13th High Value Option Trader setup a Tesla Motors, Inc.
(NasdaqGS:TSLA) 17-day Bull Call Spread.




The option contracts expire this coming Friday and since
the position has reached our closing prices we are immediately executing the
CLOSING TRADE displayed below.
suggestion is to submit a limit order for the option strike prices below
closing price bid/ask mean)






Approx. gain $3,720 (Excludes commissions and

gain is an approx. 150% profit


is the chart we used several weeks ago when we analyzed the Tesla Motors, Inc.
bull-call spread trade.





is the most recent Tesla daily chart which confirms our analysis above is valid
and the stock price filled the gap to hit our price target.







for the markets, tops are the most difficult thing to call, and there is no
shortage of those calling for a top here.  Usually when the crowd is
leaning strongly in one direction, like calling a top, then the market advance
will continue.  And Pro traders like Gregory Clay will continue to reap
profits by not fighting the trend.




Adams, Publisher


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As the market approaches overbought and looks vulnerable, we publish our TOP 100 PUT Options in our Stock Options Speculator Service.

Here are the top 10:

Top 100 Put Options

One of the hardest parts of options trading is knowing which options to buy, and when.  That’s what our newsletter does for you. 

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Here’s a quick look at oil:

oil USO update

We’re approaching a sell signal on oil.  To participate:

Stock Options Speculator Stock Options Speculator
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Good morning Option Traders,

As a recent change to this service, we’re providing more specific timing advice and recommendations – saving you the work of going through our research for timing signals and picking what options to trade.

We remain bearish on the market.  The timing of our last PUTS looks good, but the markets are in the process of bouncing and we’re waiting for the timing of our next round of PUT recommendations.

First, let’s take a look at sentiment:

option sentiment

This means the crowd is betting on upside – and when this has happened at this level in the past, we were within a week of a significant top.

On the more precise timing – here’s another chart:

nasdaq new highs

In the short term, the number of new highs are bouncing, which is bullish and action you would suspect – but given the sentiment, we would consider this a bounce in a downtrend – or at best a test and slight break of previous highs.

Accordingly, we wouldn’t join the crowd and play the upside CALLS here – and we’ll wait for early next week for an option to add some PUTS to our portfolio.  At that time, we’ll explore the relationship between the NYSE and the NASDAQ to figure out which looks weakest and select from that group.


Good morning Traders,
We’re improving our popular stock options service – going from weekly to daily and adding access to our research.  I’ll have more details below on how you can participate for only $1 for those of you who trade options.
As for the markets, we’ll feature 2 of our indicators below as we put together our view of where the markets are going.  Big picture, we’re near a key reversal date.  These are dates that historically have played into the markets movement and are part of our annual forecast (which we showed you last week).  Let’s take a look at these charts before we make any calls.
cumulative equity fund money flow
The chart above shows the S&P500 above our cumulative money flow chart.  This is a weekly indicator, but what it shows is crom the break out at the end of 2012, beginning of 2013, we’ve been in a bullish state.  Even this recent action hasn’t turned the markets neutral – so from a big picture perspective, this is bullish.  But we’ll be watching this for a change in state to call the top in this market move.
The second chart shows trader emotion – as emotion is critical to understand in the markets.
Fear, Greed and Complacency
We’ve seen a recent pick up in negtive bets from traders.  When traders position for downside, it’s bearish.  Until so many traders position for downside, then it’s bullish.  We are getting to the point where the crowd is getting too bearish.  And that suggests we may see another push higher in the markets.
And based on where the indicator is, the advance could take us higher into November!
So how can you profit?
Our new Stock Options Speculator service is now issued DAILY – on Monday we advice on the top 10 CALL option plays, Tuesday is for PUT options, Wednesday is for Bull Put Credit Spreads, Thursday is for Straddles and Friday is for Iron Condors.  And as a bonus, every weekend we’ll issue our Covered Call Alert!
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So how do you use it?  The indicators are all about market timing – telling you when to buy and when to sell.  All you do is review the indicators and determine your outlook on the market.  And during the week, we’ll tell you (using our very high powered and expensive options software) the top options plays during the week.  These are the most efficiently priced options you can play – our software does all the work for you.
How do you sign up?
How do you get your first 4 weeks for only $1?
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So what about the markets?  We could be very close to a potential bottom here that could take us higher into November.
The market conditions are just right for it and the wall of worry is starting to build, which can propell the markets higher.  So on Monday, we’ll have our CALL OPTION Recommendations and you can start playing right away!
Carl Adams, Publisher
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Last Friday, we issued a recommendation to buy CSCO Puts at $1.09.  The July expiration, 20 Puts to be exact.  They’re now trading over $3.00  That’s about 200% in less than a week.  And they are by no means done.

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Here are some more recommendations from last week:


Stock Barometer

Investment Research Group, Inc.

Founder –

Here’s a list of our top call options to buy now:

top call options to buy now

If you want to see the complete list, click here to sign up to Stock Options Speculator now.


Stock Barometer

Investment Research Group, Inc.

This morning, our Stock Options Speculator issued an alert with our top options trades for this bounce.

Stock Options Speculator identifies the next likely move in the market (up or down) and then scours the various indices and ETFs to identify the top 10 options plays in each – giving you the highest probability of profit.

This service is designed to offer versatility for a variety of options traders.  We group our recommendations by the indices they are in, so you can pick the index you want to trade in.  For example, if you want more volatility, pick from the Nasdaq list.  If you want more stability, go with the S&P or pick an index option.

Each list is sorted by our best pick (top) to our 10th best pick (bottom).   If you can only trade one option, pick from the top.

Here is part of that list.

Top call options nasdaq 100

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Here’s something to consider with your SFL Trade.

SFL got caught up in the market’s correction, but remained at support.  Technically, it could be forming a bullish wedge, which means some good upside ahead.  Here’s the reason for this update.

As I was writing this morning’s Stock Options Speculator, where we recommend the top 10 option plays for the Nasdaq 10, S&P 500, Russell 2000, Indexes and Overall Market, SFL showed up on my list.  So here’s a chance to buy some call options for the ride up – if you happen to play options.  Here’s the list:

top 10 call options russell 2000

What this list shows is that with a 11.11% move in SFL, this option will return 100%.  Sure, there are higher ranked options on this list, but I wanted to show you as I believe SFL has room to run higher here – at least 11.11%…

If you’re interested in trying Stock Options Speculator, click here.


Stock Barometer

As the markets could ‘sell the news’ on the resolution of Osama, it’s created a lot of uncertainty.  This uncertainty can result in selling.  Here is one set of our recommendations for today’s Stock Options Speculator newsletter.  If you’re interested in getting our top 10 recommendations for the Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Rusell 2000 and Market ETFs, click here:

Stock Options Speculator

stock options speculator